Reader Kitchen of the Week: Modern Clean and Clutter-Free

Houzz user aimzter wanted her kitchen for a place of serenity and calm, which was far cry from her original kitchen space. “Our previous kitchen always seemed somewhat cluttered and comfy even when it was clean because of all the open storage spaces, and various tile and surface work,” she says.

By incorporating two layers of above-counter storage, together with simple cabinetry and countertop materials, and accenting with contemporary accessories, aimzter was able to create a fresh and clutter-free space, while still working within a limited budget.

The two pendants hanging over a Caesarstone kitchen island are the focal point of this kitchen. Despite contradicting advice, aimzter decided to not place a sink in her kitchen island. “I needed a giant workspace in which we could distribute cooking, crafts, or homework projects,” she says. “It was important to me to have a good surface for flexible use.”

Although money was stored on the fridge (a KitchenAid they’ve had for more than 10 years), aimzter decided to splurge on the wall ovens. These high-end appliances have been chosen due to their excellent cooking features, as well as the fact that they might be installed flush into the cabinets.

Bar stools: SEBASTIAN pub stool from IKEA
Island: Caesarstone 6600
Pendants: Powell Street Pendant, 2Thousand Degrees
Granite counters: Miele Master Chef Oven and Miele Speed Oven

Among the biggest challenges during construction was installing the sliding glass pocket doors. From the very start, aimzter and her husband knew they needed to open the wall up into the deck so that they could fully appreciate their small backyard. “Although the system is pretty straightforward, the contractors were really stressed about making this job,” she says.

Flooring: Oak, to meld with the rest of the house

In the original kitchen, the walls, floor, and ceiling were uneven. The ceiling and floor had to be leveled so the new cabinetry wouldn’t appear crooked.

Aimzter made certain to include 3 garbage pull-outs from the island, since San Francisco needs 3 waste bins for curbside pickup (compost, recycling and trash). “I didn’t want to go through the full remodel and still have an extra garbage can to trip on at the end of the counter,” aimzter says.

Counters: Caesarstone 2020
Backsplash: Caesarstone 6600
Cooktop and stove hood: Bosch 36″ Gas Cooktop 800 Series, and Bosch Chimney Wall Hoods 500 Series

IKEA base cabinets over the wall cabinets make good storage space for items which are not necessarily for everyday use — for example particular holiday dishes. The warm wood tones help warm up the space and look custom — but without the extra price. “The goal was not to add top-of-the-line pieces we didn’t need, but to use resources as creatively as you can,” aimzter says.

Cabinetry: IKEA, NEXUS in brown and ABSTRAKT in white
Sink: Mirabelle
Faucet: Grohe

Have an eclectic, vibrant or unique kitchen? We’d love to see it. Upload a photo below!

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Loft Design: Float the Bed

About 20 years ago some friends were giving us a tour of the new home. After we got to the master bedroom, then their bed was slap in the center of the room, angled to make the most of the view. I was totally enthralled with how glamorous that sensed and have desired to float my bed ever since.

I finally got my opportunity when we moved to our home in Oregon 6 years ago. In my own bedroom, if our bed is straight back against the wall we have a view of the woods, but if we have the bed in the middle of the room we can see the river beneath also. So, we went for it. We state we did it for the view, but there is something extra luxurious about getting that space all around the bed that is hard to describe until you try it.

If you reside in a wide open loft, or if you’re blessed with a specially big bedroom, then drifting your bed away in the walls is an option for you — or perhaps even a necessity!

If you choose to try this, your headboard, side tables and light all require some special consideration. Check out these designers made it feasible to just float off into dreamland.

David Gray Architects

Opt for a bed that is beautiful in the trunk. When your bed is going to be seen from all sides, you don’t want to have an unfinished MDF back showing! This fully upholstered headboard looks great and it provides a cozy place to slim down. The small side table is placed behind it, however, the headboard is low enough to reach over to get the books. Their light comes from ceiling stains.

Hint: in case you don’t have a lamp near your bed, you might want to check into having a remote control so you can turn off the room lights without getting out of bed.

MusaDesign Interior Design

These people have a front row view of town. Can you imagine that view have to look at night with all the city lights?

Speaking of mild: Lamp wires trailing across the floor will not do, and that means you need to organize your lighting nicely. In this room two suspension lights hang from the ceiling. Weights in the base keep the fittings vertical to the cable rather than dangling straight down. It’s a nice detail that offers visual interest behind the bed.


If you want table lamps, then floor-mounted electric outlets are your buddies. The cord can disappear under the bed. In this case, it helps that the bed has room underneath so you can get at the plug if you need to.

No side tables are needed here. The headboard has a nice, wide top to hold the lamp and some other bedside items.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Most tables marketed as”nightstands” are created to go from the wall and don’t look fine from all sides. This is a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your bedside table! This one is just the correct height to slide over the edge of the table. The tiny table lamp will not fall over when moving the table out of the way and the cord disappears under the bed, presumably into a floor-mounted outlet.

Robert Granoff

I know this bed isn’t floating, but I am including it here because the bedside tables are such a nice oval shape. A lot of the time, when you float the bed, it has its back to the entrance of the room. I like rounded backs to furniture when it has its back to you. That is why I feel these side tables could make a great choice next to a floating bed.

Masterson Studio

At first glance, the bed in this photo looks like it is back against the wall, but they have built a minimal partial-wall/headboard to coincide with the other partial wall behind it. It serves as the headboard and provides a place for wall sconces to be mounted to get light.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

If the floating bed feels just a little too, well,”floaty” for you, here is a concept: The combination of a significant headboard/cabinet and side tables that match this stage bed create just enough of a framed atmosphere all around this bed so it feels more like it is in its own niche, rather than just loose in the center of the room.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This custom cupboard does triple duty. However, we can see, it is a bookcase. Although we can’t find the other side, notice how the endings are closed on this side. I wager that on the side toward the bed there are drawers or shelves for use as the bedside table. Also, judging by the light switches on the finish, my guess is that there are lights on the opposite side also. Super functional!

Trigg Smith Architects

Modern rooms aren’t the only way that can benefit from drifting the bed. In this room, with each the angles and windows, it looks like it would have been hard to set the bed without drifting it. The traditional canopy bed gives this the feeling of being an island in the room.


Barnwood Hanging Bed – $2,898

Rock-a-bye-baby! This mattress provides a whole new meaning to the floating-the-bed idea. A bed such as this needs space so it can influence a little without banging into anything. I have not ever slept in a bed like this, but I adore swings, so I believe I’d love this too!

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