What is Hiding Under the Stairs

As a child, I was given an unsettling experience by thinking of what could be under the stairs. Perhaps my parents were at fault for letting a kid having an imagination to look at horror movies — especially ones with stair dwellers. Signal goose bumps and the chills. Now that I Have become more brave, I recognize the spot where creepy spiders and hairy creatures lived is a room filled with free of ghost and goblins and chances.

Ready to discover creative uses for an otherwise lost area, I Have compiled an ideabook total of wonderful thoughts on obtaining the most from the square footage and banishing the bogeyman under your stairways — particularly if he’s not paying rent to stay there.

Fiorella Style

Create a media center. saved under the stairs, this stream-lined media heart conceals unsightly cords, saves valuable floor area, and boasts backlit alcoves for screen.


Outfit your nook in abundant, wood. Hardy boards result in an attractive backdrop to exhibit graphics, tschotskes and collectibles.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Develop your own getaway. A peaceful corner using a comfy seat along with a toss pillow set the environment for an evening of having lost in your chosen bestseller. Drawers beneath the the seat supply a blanket along with storage for the favorite reads for evenings that are drafty.

HP Rovinelli Architects

Allow your area to serve a double function. Mirrored doorways camo storage underneath and visually enlarge a little space.

Glenn Gissler Style

Develop a bookworm’s paradise. integrated shelving under this particular circular stairs highlights its architecture and offers a fine library for the home-owners.

Maria Killam

Make your room do the job. Only when you thought you did not have the square-footage for a home-office. Use your area with easy furnishings as well as a clean colour palette to get a workspace which is capturing and equally practical.

Zack| de Vito Architecture + Building

Make your room readily reachable. When the door bell rings out of the blue, there’s absolutely no need to sweat. Fast collect the children’ toys along with other things that are misplaced and keep them in a nook that is closeby. Clean-Up is a cinch with this particular open-and-shut storage program.

Nic Darling

Go for broke. Pondering outside the box is simple when you make the the room conform to your own immediate demand. When itis a location for bike storage or a bonus bathroom, your newfound nook is waiting to become some thing dramatic.

Have you discovered a creative use on your steps? We had like to see it

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