Dreaming in Color: 8 Ravishing Red Bedrooms

I am not a morning person, so I will take any help that I could get for waking up early and feeling motivated to start my day. Bright red is an attention-getting colour, so it is a fantastic color for those who need help getting revved up and energized. Remember, however, that red was proven to raise blood pressure slightly as well as increase tension and anxiety levels, therefore it is not a fantastic color for those who need their bedroom to be a mellow refuge. Obviously, deeper and darker reds that veer toward burgundy are somewhat less “sexy” and more calming, so look for those if you prefer a more calming effect in your bedroom.

For all those of you ready to go red, have a look at these eight bold red bedrooms from around , along with a couple of strategies for working with the colour in your bedroom.

B Pila Design Studio

I really like a solid accent wall color, particularly when it’s picked up elsewhere in the room through fabrics, furnishings and decorative accessories. This deep red is gorgeous set against the rich wood details, and also the white wall helps lighten it all up.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance .

David Howell Design

If a solid red wall is too extreme for you, try breaking it up with plenty of white. This is a fantastic and affordable way to acquire a one-of-a-kind appearance in your bedroom, with just masking tape and paint.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Red Banner from Pratt & Lambert.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Or use red as an attention-getting background hue for entertaining, decorative wall stickers that are easy to install and also simple to change down the street. This is just another cost-effective way to acquire a supercustom appearance in your bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Red Obsession from Sherwin-Williams.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This is a fantastic way to use color in a room. These are both rather strong colours, but since they are next to each other on the color wheel, they have a compatible vibe when used collectively.

Jennifer Ott Design

The bold orange-red colour used above is Vermilion from Benjamin Moore.


Carpet Tile, Chenille Charade in Persimmon

Put together your own bold red bedroom carpet using carpet tiles. Don’t be afraid to mix it up by using two or even three different patterns and textures. As long as you stick with one predominant hue — red in this case — you can’t go wrong.

Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Here’s a softer red, that has a fantastic quantity of cooling in it. This is a good color to use if you would like your bedroom to have a more relaxing vibe than you’d get with a bold stop-sign red.

Jennifer Ott Design

To get a similar appearance without the dedication of background, try Valentine from Sherwin-Williams.

Meritage Homes

Harness the attention-getting power of red and utilize it in order to highlight interesting architecture or other trendy elements. This is a great example of how using small bits of the bold hue in a couple of places throughout an area creates harmony and balance — tricky to do with a color this dominating.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Classic Red from Valspar.

Union Studio

Here is yet another wonderful accent wall. Keep it simple if you have a strong feature similar to this in a room, so it doesn’t compete with other elements and feel too overwhelming and busy.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Amazing from Glidden.

Find out more about how to use red in your interior layout

Tell us : Perhaps you have used red to decorate your bedroom? Please post a photo in the Comments section below and discuss the particulars.

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Oh, Baby! 12 Ideas to Get a Chic Nursery Rolling

There’s a good deal of chatter about babies recently — summer and spring are popular baby birthing months. In case you’re dreaming about your nursery and looking for new ideas, this can be for you.

I really like to decorate nurseries with an older baby in mind, because the newborn months are these a blink. I try to stay away from newborn-specific themes and go with something that will work for 0 to 5 years of age.

In case your baby bump is getting bigger and you have no idea how to start your nursery design, relax, breathe and put your feet up — I’ve constructed a few ideas that will get you started and prepared in time. Choose your favorites as starting points and only build from there.

Dvira – Interior Design Toronto

1. Begin with a fun background pattern. A nursery can clearly pull more whimsy than most other rooms. Locate a fun layout and paper the entire room or just one wall. Build on the pattern by adding complementary colours or art.

Avalisa Design

2. Go bold with geometric patterns. White walls are kicked into high gear with powerful colours and geometric patterns from the rug and art. Babies’ developing eyes are attracted to high colour contrast.

Carousel Designs

3. Choose a exceptional overhead light. That I really like this oversize light fixture above the comfy chair. Allow the light fixture set the palette and vibe of this nursery.

Hint: Get the coziest chair you can find. You may spend more time there than you understand.

Lori Gentile Interior Design

4. Throw in an oversize stuffed animal to set a playful tone. I remember when my now-teenage daughter was a baby. She had a giant bear that she affectionately called B. Her first words were “Mama,” “Daddy,” “ball” and “bear.”

Lovejoy Designs

5. Allow the palette create the theme. Pick a couple of colours and replicate them throughout the room. Splash colour in unexpected places like drape trim, rugs and art.

Lilli Design

6. Make an accent wall. Highlighting a wall is fun and practical once you’re being cautious about prices. Accent walls can be created using paint, wallpaper or art.

Elizabeth Dinkel

7. Place all of the pattern in your drapes. Move with a big baby-inspired pattern on the curtains and leave the rest of the room neutral.

Thom Filicia Inc..

8. Consider horizontal stripes. A pattern of horizontal stripes in fun colours sets a tone of fun and expands even the smallest of spaces. Furniture, rugs and fabrics can be tied into the stripes.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

9. Dress up the ceiling in Addition to the area. Babies spend a great deal of time in their backs looking up. Heal the whole room as a giant mobile by hanging paper lanterns, parasols or series lights.

Economy Interiors

10. Include art pieces that have words and letters as well as images. I hung word art over the table in my house, to educate words during every diaper change.

Kate Jackson Design

11. Use clothing as accessories. Hang hooks on the walls and exhibit cute baby outfits. Open hooks and shelves make hats and clothes simple to get.

12. Repeat a blueprint. Locate a pattern and replicate it on mattress bedding, drapes, chairs and art. Repeating a pattern is a whimsical look in itself, thus there is no requirement for much else from the nursery — that can be beneficial if you are short on space.

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