Wall Candy: Dish Up Colorful Glass Art Plates

Glass artwork is by nature exciting, and it often seems to have a life of its own. The medium is typically seen in the shape of bowls and bottles arranged on one-of-a-kind outfits. But one of the very photographed spots for glass artwork happens to be your home’s walls. And handblown glass plates are viewing a lion’s share of the activity lately.

The celebrity partly rests on the curved shapes’ being ideal for creating artful groupings which can add a quick abstract art-installation vibe. Glass also naturally pops thanks to its reflective properties, in almost any colour. And the handblown aspect means that no two plates are equally.

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Glass plates like these out of Vetro Art Glass from Grapevine, Texas, are usually created by artists as a collection or as individual pieces to mix and match as you need.

One might be inclined to hang bold discs like these onto a blank wall, even though in this case the subtle wall pattern functions as a wonderful background, anchoring the installation in a way that solid colour would not.

Hint: Research the options available from local glass artists and think about working together to create bits in the colors and patterns that talk to you.

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This collection from Viz Glass is my own personal favorite. The combination of cool blues is soothing and magical, further enriched by a bit of pink.

The seemingly random placement was created by somebody with a fantastic eye for dynamic balance. The key is knowing where to crowd items collectively and in which to leave space between them. Experiment with your arrangement on a level surface to make the right flow of colour and shape.

Hint: Some glass plates are handmade works of art; many others are mass produced using machines. If 100 percent handmade is important to you, buy them straight from an artist or gallery.

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The sunburst of yellow in this contemporary white area is eye catching and happy. The owner didn’t try to match the glass plate artwork with other touches of yellow in the area. This installation is meant to command attention.

Hint: Invest in bits which are ready to hang or have the necessary brackets. These plates have a protrusion built into the springs which fits into wall-mounting hardware.

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Glass holds up well in moist environments, like bathrooms. Plus it doesn’t have to be transparent; it can be opaque and mysterious, too.

The rich jewel tones within this installation turn this area into a gallery.

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This trio of footed glass-blown roundels, too by Vetro Art Glass, functions well with the diverse dressing table and stool.

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Rustic stone walls make such a strong statement on their own that one must choose art for spaces like these very attentively. The glass flower blossom artwork works here by virtue of its daring and surprising color and big scale. The horse seems to be running through a field of flowers — nice vision for a vacation home in the Colorado mountains.

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You do not have to be an art connoisseur to enjoy the bold color possibilities of handblown glass artwork.

Hint: If the distance you’d love to decorate is a dark entryway or niche, you might choose to add some spot or directional light.

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Glass plates needn’t be purchased all at once. I enjoy how this group has a collected-over-time aesthetic.

While there are many approaches to hang art artwork, these glass plates have a conical base that fits to a pipe-like bracket. Screws on the sides of the pipe part are sanded to anchor the bit in place.

Plates: Viz Glass


A number of the glass plates I have seen remind me of the sea or of tide pool creatures, so the toilet really is an excellent place to enjoy them. I love those by celebrity Jennifer Hollack of all Renaissance Fine
Arts in Baltimore.

Thinking about investing in some glass wall plates to add a special touch to your home? Look at buying from local artists. You can locate them online or in the telephone directory, recorded under “glassblowing” or “glass artwork.”

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