Top 10 Modern Swimming Pool Designs

While the phrase ‘modern swimming pool’ sounds like a recent invention, it really refers to a trend that started in the late 1930’s when Hollywood’s rich and famous started building open-plan houses that embraced the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. This is when swimming pool design started really taking a different direction, which was characterized by blending the pool’s design with the home’s architecture instead of considering it as a standalone feature that was ‘added on’ to the house.

Another distinguishing factor about modern landscaping Littleton, CO is the use of gunite in the construction process. Gunite is a mixture of sand and concrete which when introduced was a far cry from the plywood that swimming pools were formerly constructed from. Of course, the kidney-shaped pool design by landscape architect Thomas Donell is a pioneering and iconic design that’s still in use today.

Here’s a list of our top ten favorite modern sprinkler repair Littleton, which feature various contemporary design styles.

Modern Marvel

This pool design was created to perfectly reflect and go with homes that have clean horizontal lines.

Second-Level Pool

As the name implies, a second-level pool is often built on the house’s second floor, which requires the construction of retaining walls to keep the pool balanced.

South Africa’s Spa House

The Spa House pool in Cape Town, South Africa is a wonderful example of how to effortlessly blend natural landscapes and hardscapes with man-made architecture. This pool has a floating deck protruding from its center and a well-positioned spa placed right below the waterline, creating a seamless transition from the house into the pool and vice versa.

Dolphin Mosaic

One of the best ways to expand a small outdoor space is to design the pool in an interesting shape like a circle, and use lighting to accentuate the form as well as a mosaic design at the bottom of the pool like a dolphin or a star fish, for example.

Wet Deck Design

Breaking from the normal geometric design, this swimming pool features a nice curvy shape that really enhances the landscaping around it.

Island Vista

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, in a place that enjoys prime views of the ocean and perhaps a nearby island, then you should design your lawn care Littleton, CO and your entire outdoor area to maximize those views. You can do this by creating a linear roofline with a swimming pool that has clean lines and an infinity edge that looks like an extension of the ocean.

Mountain Beauty

A swimming pool with a vanishing edge is the perfect design to capture the beauty of a mountainside view, which often overlooks the city or town below.

Figure 8

The figure 8 design or ‘hourglass shape’ as it’s often referred to, is another timeless swimming pool design that has been around since the 1950s.

Blue Lagoon

If you want your outdoor entertainment area to look like a beach resort, then you should definitely go for the blue lagoon look, which you can enhance with the addition of palm trees, waterfalls, fire bowls etc.

Intersecting Pools

This design is another great way of incorporating a swimming pool into a tiny place. Included in this intersecting pool are a children’s wading pool, a spa and an edge pool, offering something for everyone.