How to Make a Dining and Living Room Work Together as One Area

Once you’ve made your dining and living room function together as one room, then you’ll realize that this setup is akin to having your cake and eating it, too. The little house movement has proven that multifunctional rooms can be entertaining, comfortable and fashionable. Escape in the idea of a formal dining room separate from the other rooms at the home and embrace the idea of a space, either large or little, where families and friends can dine, relax and live.

Take the Floor

Wood or tile flooring is preferred for dining areas, but it’s not always feasible when you’re renting or new flooring isn’t in the budget. Do not despair on your wall-to-wall rug; utilize it. Should the whole room possess a lavish rug, lay a jute or sisal rug under the table. Either option will be easier to clean and maintain than lavish carpet. Show a subtle comparison and choose a carpet that’s a shade deeper than the carpet.

See the Light

Different, but complementary, lighting fixtures are an effortless way to create two distinct spaces within one room. Shine the spotlight, so to speak, on your dining area with a series of modest-sized pendant lights or one pendant with a large lampshade. If restricted to only recessed lighting, place decorative table lamps on either side of the couch. The table lamps offer not only ambient lighting but also shots of color that help distinguish the living space in the dining space.

Establish the Table

When developing a dining space in a little room, then place a round or oval-shaped tabletop in an empty corner of the room. Either contour allows for maximum use of a little corner and easily accommodates at least two seats. Pick red metallic seats and matching table to create your own personal French bistro. Take advantage of a larger shared space using a longer table. A classic farmhouse table using a worn wooden tabletop provides rustic appeal, whilst seat seating offers ample seating without taking up too much room.

Bank to a Banquette

When built-in furniture is a chance, consider a banquette. The banquette, a built-in wraparound bench frequently utilised in corners, provides storage and seating. Adorn the seats with toss pillows for extra comfort as well as colour and texture. A couple of seats, on the opposite side of the table, provide extra seating and ought to be stained or painted to match the banquette.

All the Trimmings

Tablecloths mask a lot of faults, like a tabletop replete with dings and scratches or one that has been lovingly decorated by a toddler with a permanent marker. Do not replace the sturdy table rather, cover it with a tablecloth that complements the room’s window treatments. Reference these window treatments by pitching several complementary toss pillows on the sofa. The significant parts of furniture, like the table and couch, should match to create a cohesive and trendy room. Additional furnishings should also work for the two spaces. A back stores extra table linens and functions as either an end table or coffee table, while a media storage unit is ideal exhibit space for both television and your inherited assortment of ornamental dishes.

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Tips for Bathroom Design & Remodeling

A key to successful bathroom remodeling and design is sufficient planning. Set aside time to arrange a priority checklist for your new bathroom, together with the most pressing needs on peak of the listing. Always plan a budget prior to beginning a fresh renovation. In accordance with Bathroom Remodeling Hints, many bathroom renovations end up overshooting first budget estimates, so avoid any surprise prices by adding 15 to 20% for unexpected costs.


Before beginning your bathroom renovation and design, accurately assess the space. A cramped bathroom is undesirable, so be sure to carefully set bathtubs, toilets, vanities and any storage items. When you select fixtures for your bathroom, always measure their height, width and depth. You also will need to select which style suits your personal preference and requirements. See showrooms at home-improvement shops and surf the Internet for ideas.

Bathroom Flooring

When you pick the flooring for your bathroom, remember that some floors materials can easily be ruined by water and dampness. Carpet and timber flooring, as an instance, are particularly vulnerable to water damage and stains. Wood flooring should be well-sealed if they’re used. In accordance with Toilet Bath Ideas, vinyl floors is a good alternative for bathrooms since it is waterproof and requires little maintenance. Pick a tile flooring that is textured . Practical bathroom flooring options include marble and vinyl.

Bathroom Lighting

In accordance with Nouveau Bathrooms,”The current trend in bathroom lighting is toward the ones that are very usable, renewable and very visually appealing.” Before you pick your lighting, however, consider the dimensions of your bathroom. Mirrored lights are especially practical and attractive in tiny baths, whereas ceiling lights or wall-mounted fixtures are able to make a massive bathroom look cozier. Recessed lighting is excellent for the bathtub area since it supplies more subtle lighting. Whatever lighting you choose, make sure it fits the overall mood and atmosphere of the bathroom.

Go Green

In accordance with REGREEN, although the bathroom is often the smallest area in the house, it has immense energy-saving potential. When you pick your bathroom fittings, make water conservation a priority. “Choose low-flow showerheads, high-efficiency toilets and water-conserving aerators on sink taps.” For floors, select tiles that are made from recycled materials. Making green choices is much easier in the environment and will save water and plumbing costs.

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When Decorating Styles Collide: Practical Ways to Merge Tastes

Blending two disparate looks, like contemporary and traditional, can be a source of conflict for many couples. Sparks may fly when someone’s style is not as closely aligned using a spouse’s as thought. Coming up with a interior design compromise that satisfies both styles is tricky, but I think conflicting forces create a few of the most interesting and satisfying outcomes. Here’s how to get those outcomes.


Simplify and link. In this diverse room, contemporary art and traditional elements get along quite well (hopefully as well as the couple does). Modern art and old-world antiques can live together harmoniously with a bit of editing and discipline.

The success within this room leads from the usage of shape. If you have a curvy bit, like the settee on the right, simplify it by covering it in a solid-color material. In this case the shade was drawn from the painting. The settee’s shape plays in flawlessly with the shapes in the artwork and also sets the tone for other conventional shapes — like those of the dining seats — to join the conversation.

Search for common elements, like the curved lines in the furniture pieces here, to create stability.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Unify. The architecture, for example, molding and the fireplace, reflects the period if the home was constructed. To upgrade period architecture, maintain the furnishings really simple with clean structured contours. This will lend a modern vibe and create a nice harmony.

Here the simplified contours are unified with color. The sculptural forms of furniture pieces like these will please those who desire strong, clean lines, while the traditionalist will delight in the total structure’s being anchored in tradition.

Daniella Villamil Interiors

Edit. Conventional, yes. But fussy, no. Sometimes the best strategy to is to maintain fewer pieces and celebrate them in a simpler setting. In a just traditional space, pattern is layered and embellished; strict editing can bring the most pleasing result.

Simply choose the pieces you couldn’t live without and edit out the remainder. Pick a couple of items and cease there. The result will celebrate favorite possessions while pleasing the modern minimalist.

The Marion House Novel

Push the extremes. This fantastic example reveals more of an eclectic combination, but the furniture is very modern, resting on a modern rug in a traditional setting. You can receive this look if you employ a few principles.

First visualize the fixed pieces — here the headboard and the mirror over the fireplace — as all being a part of the arrangement, and retain those very conventional. When you select items like these, start looking for elements that are incredibly different, as those are, or else the result will be a mishmash of thoughts. It’s just by pushing the strain that the result will be very interesting.

By way of instance, this is not just a gold-framed traditional mirror, however one resplendent with baroque detail. The chandelier, also, is quite dramatic. The seats are surely contemporary. You can create this kind of mix successful when you bear in mind that the key is in juxtaposing very modern furniture from a conventional arrangement. This is a superb reason to visit a local flea market and see what treasures you find.

Daniella Villamil Interiors

Enjoy the tension. Divert the strain in your project instead of having it in your relationship. Here we have the reverse of the previous examples: a very modern arrangement with conventional furniture. You can receive this successful result if you remember to maintain the fabrics simple, allowing one or two prints to stand out. Pick a solid color like the outstanding blue of the rug to place off the prints, and the mix will feel exactly perfect. It will be daring and simplified but using a nod to tradition.

Inform us : Do you and your spouse still struggle to find a result that pleases both? Which are the barriers?

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Wall Candy: Dish Up Colorful Glass Art Plates

Glass artwork is by nature exciting, and it often seems to have a life of its own. The medium is typically seen in the shape of bowls and bottles arranged on one-of-a-kind outfits. But one of the very photographed spots for glass artwork happens to be your home’s walls. And handblown glass plates are viewing a lion’s share of the activity lately.

The celebrity partly rests on the curved shapes’ being ideal for creating artful groupings which can add a quick abstract art-installation vibe. Glass also naturally pops thanks to its reflective properties, in almost any colour. And the handblown aspect means that no two plates are equally.

RSVP Design Services

Glass plates like these out of Vetro Art Glass from Grapevine, Texas, are usually created by artists as a collection or as individual pieces to mix and match as you need.

One might be inclined to hang bold discs like these onto a blank wall, even though in this case the subtle wall pattern functions as a wonderful background, anchoring the installation in a way that solid colour would not.

Hint: Research the options available from local glass artists and think about working together to create bits in the colors and patterns that talk to you.

Traci Connell Interiors

This collection from Viz Glass is my own personal favorite. The combination of cool blues is soothing and magical, further enriched by a bit of pink.

The seemingly random placement was created by somebody with a fantastic eye for dynamic balance. The key is knowing where to crowd items collectively and in which to leave space between them. Experiment with your arrangement on a level surface to make the right flow of colour and shape.

Hint: Some glass plates are handmade works of art; many others are mass produced using machines. If 100 percent handmade is important to you, buy them straight from an artist or gallery.

Lee Design and Interiors

The sunburst of yellow in this contemporary white area is eye catching and happy. The owner didn’t try to match the glass plate artwork with other touches of yellow in the area. This installation is meant to command attention.

Hint: Invest in bits which are ready to hang or have the necessary brackets. These plates have a protrusion built into the springs which fits into wall-mounting hardware.

Jaffa Group Design Build

Glass holds up well in moist environments, like bathrooms. Plus it doesn’t have to be transparent; it can be opaque and mysterious, too.

The rich jewel tones within this installation turn this area into a gallery.

RSVP Design Services

This trio of footed glass-blown roundels, too by Vetro Art Glass, functions well with the diverse dressing table and stool.

Slifer Designs

Rustic stone walls make such a strong statement on their own that one must choose art for spaces like these very attentively. The glass flower blossom artwork works here by virtue of its daring and surprising color and big scale. The horse seems to be running through a field of flowers — nice vision for a vacation home in the Colorado mountains.

Lerman Construction Management Services

You do not have to be an art connoisseur to enjoy the bold color possibilities of handblown glass artwork.

Hint: If the distance you’d love to decorate is a dark entryway or niche, you might choose to add some spot or directional light.

Embellish interiors

Glass plates needn’t be purchased all at once. I enjoy how this group has a collected-over-time aesthetic.

While there are many approaches to hang art artwork, these glass plates have a conical base that fits to a pipe-like bracket. Screws on the sides of the pipe part are sanded to anchor the bit in place.

Plates: Viz Glass


A number of the glass plates I have seen remind me of the sea or of tide pool creatures, so the toilet really is an excellent place to enjoy them. I love those by celebrity Jennifer Hollack of all Renaissance Fine
Arts in Baltimore.

Thinking about investing in some glass wall plates to add a special touch to your home? Look at buying from local artists. You can locate them online or in the telephone directory, recorded under “glassblowing” or “glass artwork.”

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How to Outfit a Classic Farmhouse

Whether you’re painstakingly bringing an old farmhouse back to lifestyle or just enjoy that classic farmhouse appearance, these thoughts and inspirations are here to help. And although you’ll find various great product picks here, from paint colours and lighting to floors and much more, it can help to remember that the farmhouse spirit is all about making the best out of everything you have.

So when your budget is running dry, allow your creativity take over — reglaze these windows rather than getting them replaced, refinish your old cupboards, pull wood from an outbuilding to lay your new floors or repurpose crap into unique decor.

Susan Duane

An almost-black hue on shutters paired with white siding is a traditional farmhouse look. Keep landscaping and porch plantings simple with a lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and hanging baskets of Boston ferns.

Thiel Architecture + Design

Creamy white siding and trim possess a nearly seamless appearance. Timeless barn light sconces are right in the home above the garage, by the back door or on the porch.

Benjamin Moore

Ballet White OC-9 Paint

White with a bit of cream will look instantly classic on farmhouse siding — great on its own or using a contrasting color on shutters.


Little Warehouse/Barn Light – $266

The traditional barn light appears slick and even a little modern in a glossy black finish.

Farrow & Ball

Railings No. 31

Railings paint from Farrow & Ball, a almost black bronze, would look smart on farmhouse shutters.

Arcanum Architecture

Barn door dividers and farmhouse railings are all iconic bits. Try using one or both these features to lend personality to a dull exterior.

Easy afternoons on your farmhouse porch are crucial — pick a traditional porch swing or pair of rockers for optimum comfort.


Quorum One-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Oiled Bronze – $196.99

Gooseneck sconces are at once elegant and easygoing, excellent for the farmhouse porch.

Mountain Lumber Company

Weathered Antique Pine

A farmhouse floor should be the real deal — if you’re fortunate enough to own original wood floors, do anything you can to restore and use them. If not, a close second would be tracking down some reclaimed lumber, such as the stunning heart pine flooring displayed here.

Fredendall Building Company

Custom Paneled Door

In case you have good wood doors, then try stripping and refinishing or painting them rather than purchasing new. Once you do a good cleanup and replace hardware necessary, you’ll have like-new doors at a fraction of the price tag.

In case you really do need new doors — to match an addition to the original region of the house, for example — splurging on solid wood in a traditional style is well worthwhile.

Pottery Barn

PB Essentials Drape Rod – $49

Details thing, and this drapery rod from Pottery Barn fits the bill perfectly. A bit rustic yet tidy, this is a classic. Use several throughout the house for continuity.

Shannon Malone

Exposed beams incorporate farmhouse character to any space. If your house doesn’t have beams to expose, you can add them — assess salvage yards for reclaimed wood beams.

Julie Ranee Photography

Farmhouses are meant to be well loved and well used, not pampered. Chippy wood finishes, steel and galvanized metals are all materials that may take a beating and still look good.

Pottery Barn

French Stripe Roman Shade – $209

A tailored Roman colour in a relaxed ticking stripe is a superb option for the kitchen.

Fixture Universe

Rohl Shaws Rutherford Bowl Apron Farmhouse Kitchen Sink – $2,294.25

The iconic double apron-front farmhouse sink by Rohl is a worthy splurge — utterly timeless and built to last for generations.

Signature Hardware

Aberdeen Smooth Double Nicely Farmhouse Copper Sink – $926.95

If you prefer the apron-front style but want something different from conventional ceramic, then consider a copper farmhouse sink rather.


Vintage 1900 tug – $10.39

Simple and stately, these solid brass pulls using a black iron end would do well paired with Shaker cabinets.

Eclectic Pendant Lighting – $142

Barn lights in galvanized metal possess a rustic appeal that would be right at home in the kitchen. If you’re on a tight budget, try checking out a farm store — you may be able to score the actual deal for less.

Barn Light Electric Company

Ivanhoe Sinclair Porcelain Pendant – $175

An enameled porcelain pendant would be enchanting hung over a chunky farmhouse table in the kitchen.

Green Depot

Butcher Block Countertops

Strong butcher block countertops include a warm, homey note to the kitchen.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

A claw-foot tub is the quintessential choice for a farmhouse bathroom. Warm, comfy touches such as beadboard wainscoting and built-in details complete the appearance.


Ceramic Basics Savoy Tile

You can’t go wrong with hex tile white; it’s a timeless option for the bath.

Vintage Tub & Bath

Farmhouse Drainboard Sink With Legs

This enchanting drainboard sink could operate equally well in a tub or even a mudroom.

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

If your property is set back from the road, provide a cheerful welcome house each evening by installing arenas on posts. A standing-seam metal roof lends a modern rustic appearance well suited to farmhouse style.

Inform us Are you renovating a farmhouse? Or do you simply love farmhouse style? Join the discussion below!

Feast your eyes on thousands of farmhouse photos

Guides to bringing rustic style home

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Bed Down in a Cocoon of Beautiful Textiles

I haven’t always been fortunate enough to have a wonderful bedroom. In reality, there was a time when I didn’t even have a bed, so in regards to the place where I lay my head to sleep soundly during the night, I am enthusiastic about how I want it to feel, both physically and aesthetically. Nothing says comfort to me like a large, fluffy, bed nest. At the end of a dreadful day, once I can crawl beneath a cloud of blankets, sheets, cats and magazines, I am in my version of paradise on earth. I adore a well-made bed — there’s something elegant about having the ability to pull the covers down for a new night’s sleep.

A bed is an extremely personal thing. It is the cocoon where we begin and end each day. What we dress it with and how those things feel against our skin is vitally critical as a mattress and the room it is in. A soft, nubby coverlet folded at the end of the bed feels like an invitation to a long, languid rest, even though a shiny satin duvet beckons for a champagne brunch beneath the covers.

Although extra shams, pillows and throws are usually just for decoration, their arrangement on the bed adds a finishing and relaxing touch.

From the room envisioned, fabrics and feel are layered to create a luxe and diverse space that I’d be more than pleased to move into!

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

A long time ago, I had been helping a boyfriend redo his bedroom. The room screamed frat party in my own every time I walked through the door. We began by replacing the random, mismatched sheets and sports-related blankets covering an extremely funky mattress. A couple new sheet sets and a single comforter later, I persuaded him he needed a duvet cover.

Him: “Why do I need a duvet cover? I have a comforter.”
Me: “Yes, the duvet covers the duvet to keep it from getting dirty, and you can switch up the look when you want to.”
Him: “Why would I need to change up the appearance? What determines when it is time to do that?”

It might have been a circular discussion until the end of time, with me trying to explain the merits of freshening up a him and look trying to understand why anyone would need more than one look anyway. To be fair to my ex, he had been all about work and practicality. Many men are. If he already had sheets, then why did it matter if they matched? Who was planning to see them? Did having a “grown-up” comforter make him sleep better compared to his favorite team blankets? I really don’t know. I can’t prove anything one way or another, but a bedroom that blends rich textures and complementary colors, since the room displayed here does, presents itself as an elegant place for laying your head.

Bedroom textiles help create a mood the moment you step in the space. From a linen-covered bench at the foot of the bed to woven curtain panels along with an upholstered headboard, the fabrics you choose give you a chance to create a dream of sorts — to tell a tale about what feels amazing to you and who you are in that room.

My bedroom is my sanctuary. I’ve adorned my bed with things that feel comforting: heavy blankets, a classic bedspread, a duvet for cold nights, kilim pillows and flannel sheets. Some people prefer the feel of sharp, cold sheets against their skin and the simplicity of ironed and bleached cotton.

This is a refreshing and clean room that speaks to a lot of styles — country cottage, farmhouse, European shore flat — and yet is beholden to none.

But simplicity isn’t the same as simple. Having a woven throw at the end of the bed, the easy white bedding is much more bohemian and relaxed. White bedding adds itself nicely to change. In the event the pillows were changed for a large linen bolster, the room might easily go French. Using a velvet coverlet and sisal rug, it might move in a more diverse direction.

White cotton Deciding a canopy bed includes a classic and romantic appeal. Draping the identical bed in brocade and velvet evokes a castle-like setting, while gauzy, almost transparent panels include a distinctly tropical vibe. Bedroom fabrics are the string that ties the entire room together.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Simplicity does not mean boring, either. Choosing one or two colors that show up in each one of the bedroom’s textiles is a great way to create a cohesive, thoughtful space that fits with any design style. While the room shown here leans toward warm contemporary, it might also be considered modern or even tidy eclectic. The white, black and yellow colour palette is a contemporary one that contrasts extremely well across every style kind.


Choosing textiles in the same tonal and colour families makes a bedroom feel equally high end and calming. The gradients of chocolate and cream shown here are warm and rich neutrals that are stunning in their, but that might be instantly altered with the addition of a glowing orange cushion, a throw on the bench or patterned sheets.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams

I have a couple friends who swear they can’t sleep unless the bed is made with white sheets. I adore the concept of white sheets, but I am terrified I will wake up and recognize that I am disgusting in some way I probably shouldn’t know about. My sheets are greatly patterned or monochrome. Almost always the colour is gray. When layered, dark gray fabrics tell a sexy, moody, more masculine color narrative. The profound graphite blanket on the pretty pin-tucked duvet and steely sheets is at once inviting, intriguing and mystical to me.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

The wonderful blue, gray and cream fabrics in this photo tell a completely different color narrative. It is glowing, soothing, feminine and soft. The blues are all in the same color family, together with pops of gray at the curtain panels and mocha on the headboard. The appearance is easy on the eyes and yet anything but boring.

Kim Armstrong

Another wonderful blue room has boldly patterned fabrics with deeper tones of blue and statement-making bright white. It feels intriguing, like the people read rare books and go on endless adventures each time they depart.

Chronicle Books

This room is anything but basic. Yet it’s got all the very same components as every other bedroom: a bed, bedside tables, a carpet and lighting. It is the textiles that make this room what it’s — cleverly connected. The bright, bold, bedding mixed with a graphic multicolored carpet and pillows that play the colors in the rug actually do “match.” It is a colour combination that violates the rule that everything in a bedroom has to be low crucial to be calming. For me everything needs to work collectively and be amazing to make a restful space.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

I am smitten by means of bright colors in an adult bedroom. The colour narrative says, “fun, lively, open and distinctive.” The great mix of sea green with turquoise makes this room feel like a weekend getaway of the best type.

Adrienne Chinn Design

Pairing variations in texture, for example machine embroidery with hand embroidery, adds interest without disrupting an otherwise beautifully dull distance.

Design Manifest

Mixing brightly colored fabrics and bold patterns does not need to be daunting. Choose one cloth, like the classic coverlet displayed, since the celebrity and build around it. The batik elephant pillow can also be blue and richly stained, while the patterned pink pillows add a touch a whimsy. It is an eclectic area that works because the colors are sweet and unassuming and romantic in a dreamy, youthful, carefree type of way.

Fluff Interior Design

Using an assortment of boldly patterned fabrics from the same colour family is a more conservative way to inject a little bit of fun eclecticism in your bedroom’s style but has the same effect. Rather than the star cloth being the coverlet, a small colorfully embroidered pillow does the trick.


Whatever your style, select fabrics for your bedroom that inspire you, comfort you and also speak to how you want to feel in that room. Whether you are a minimalist having a love affair with all white or a conventional sort with a penchant for pops of bright colour, invest in your own pleasure and give yourself a great place to start your day.

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Humble Ticking Stripes Make Decor Proud

Ticking is the graphic equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich: humble, comfy and consistently satisfying. Much like gingham and toile, though, this striped fabric often get pigeonholed into a specific appearance. Sturdy ticking — woven from cotton or linen and initially used to insure feather and straw ticks — usually pops up in cabin, country and coastal interiors, but the simplicity of its own narrow stripes gives it chameleonlike flexibility.

This varied collection of distances showcases the numerous personalities that ticking can shoot.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

Red and white striped ticking occasionally appears more country cabin than town chic. Not here stretched over a curvaceous headboard and endorsed with a lipstick-red wall, it seems unexpectedly glamorous. The red piping on the headboard elevates the appearance.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

Ticking stripes dress a stately wing chair and assist this elegant space lighten up.

Wildwood Cabinetry

Determined by the backs of these shelves, subtle stripes provide just enough colour and pattern to add thickness without dominating the silent decor.

Vicente Burin Architects

Ticking carries a pared-down turn in this pristine space. Is it modern? Minimalist? Cottage? Each of the above? Whichever way you twist it, the striped layout adapts to the appearance.

David Vandervort Architects

Finding a fabric to complement both the standard lines of this table and the clean architecture of this space might have been a challenge, but ticking stripes rose to it with aplomb.

ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

Instead of an expected damask, plaid or floral pattern, casual stripes offer this set of bergères a fresh, fuss-free face.

Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

Ticking fabric to get a formal, tufted chaise? We all know one among the household who believes it was a fantastic idea.


Red Birdie Lumbar Pillow Cover by KainKain – $18

The folksy bird onto this ticking-stripe pillow would do the job as well with a modern inside as with a cabin.


Ticking-Stripe Chair – $2,099

What is the fastest way to loosen up an antique-style chair with ornate carved detailing? Stripes, of course.

Sundance Catalog

Zanzibar Ticking Stripe Cotton Mat, Large – $365

This cheery rug spreads the ticking idea across the spectrum.


Angled to create a grid of squares, ticking stripes shoot on graphic appeal in this throw pillow.

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High Point Market Branches Out Into Natural Decor

Maybe it is that High Point Market, a tremendous furnishings industry trade show in North Carolina, came on the heels of Earth Week this year, but from vendor to vendor we were thrilled to see Mother Nature so beautifully represented.

From magnificent chandeliers made entirely of shells to tables crafted from tree trunks, nature-inspired accessories and furniture are unquestionably on trend for spring. Many are created from recycled substances or came from sustainable resources, which makes this appearance one you and your conscience may enjoy.

Bringing the exterior has never seemed — or felt so good.

Odds and ends made from sticks, twigs, driftwood and other flora and fauna abounded. Accessories like these from Gold Leaf Design Group are simple to integrate into existing decor. We love these spheres especially and will see them at a conventional area, dressing down a bowl that is formal.


BoBo Intriguing Objects Wood Spheres – $2,175

An accessory from Mother Nature is always a great alternative. These reclaimed wood spheres from BoBo Intriguing Objects are a conversation starter for sure.


BoBo Intriguing Objects Driftwood Candelabra – $487.50

Who understood driftwood could look so elegant? This candelabra from Bobo Intriguing Objects would be gorgeous on any dining table and makes eating by candlelight a cinch.


Arteriors Kosta Medium Authentic Oyster Shell Sphere – $381.60

For that spot that simply takes a statement accessory, look no further than that Arteriors oyster shell world. At a bookcase or on a nightstand, this bit can hold its own.


Bobo Intriguing Objects Egg Branch Chandelier – $987.50

Statement lighting was definitely a subject of this year’s marketplace, and many of the most gorgeous fixtures were character inspired. This Bobo Intriguing Objects Egg Branch Chandelier, for example, is made from tree branches that are Polish.


Regina Andrew Apple, Saucer and Cigar Jute Pendants

Regina Andrew jute pendants create a statement either independently or grouped together. Magnificent in a sunroom or above a breakfast room table — we would love to get all three!


Currey & Co.. Oyster Shell Chandelier – $1,452

This magnificent chandelier from Currey & Co. is created almost entirely of shells. We can’t think of anything more suitable to get a beach-home dining area.

Natural Curiosities

Moss and Lichen Landscapes, 1

This earthy moss and lichen landscape is the best touch for any area that requires a little green.

Driftwood Rectangle Mirror – $765

We’ve always maintained that a fantastic mirror is all that is needed to maintain a bathroom from appearing dull. This Currey & Co. driftwood mirror will be fantastic above a sink.



Celeste Mirror

In individual, this oyster shell mirror has been the announcement piece to end all statement bits. In any area, the precision and detail of this handmade bit would be jaw dropping.


Side Chair by Kenian – $352

Fast-growing, sustainable bamboo was a popular plant at this year’s marketplace. If you enjoy the shape of bamboo but are bored by the color, no problem. Painted bamboo has been well represented also. Springlike colors, like teal, orange and yellow, as well as sophisticated metallics create bamboo perform, even when you’re away from the seashore.


Butler Tray Side Table by Kenian – $183.99

This bamboo butler tray table was a versatile marketplace find. The tray is removable for easy functioning, and flipping the base on its side transforms the piece into a coffee table.


Currey & Co.. Marchmont Chest of Drawers – $1,865.60

This spectacular shell chest, from Currey & Co., is the epitome of character inspired. It might make a stunning night table in any bedroom.

Novel to Know: Bringing Nature Home

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Turn a Wooden Pallet Into Unique Photo Frames

What’s it about shipping pallets that’s so endearing? For me it’s the rustic, obsolete grade of the timber, together with the mystery of what kinds of merchandise the pallet may have supported. Once left out from the components, the wood pallets can take to a gorgeous distressed look. So rather than abandon a discarded pallet found at my church to be hauled away, I got permission to carry it embarked on a different father-daughter DIY job. This time we made three frames in various sizes to show family photos.

Julie Ranee Photography

Dressing up a wall mounted vignette are three pastoral frames made out of timber from a reclaimed pallet to match photographs in the following sizes: 8 inches by 10 inches, 8 by 12 inches and 12 by 12 inches.

Time: 1 hour
Ability level: Moderate
Materials cost: $5 plus timber pallet or other reclaimed timber. (Our pallet was free. Make sure you ask permission before choosing pallets you find behind a business; some might not really be discarded.)

Julie Ranee Photography

How to Generate the Rustic Wood Picture Frames

HammerNail pullersMeasuring tapeMiter saw (not revealed here)RouterDrillClampSafety gogglesGlovesMaterials
Shipping palletCorner braces (1 1/2 inches by 3/8 inch)Triangular picture hangers (not revealed here)Wire (not revealed here)Duct tape

Julie Ranee Photography

That is exactly what our pallet looked like. The timber on the bottom was not usable; we used the planks pictured on this side to produce the frames.

1. Wearing safety goggles and gloves, use nail pullers and a hammer to disassemble the pallet. Sort the planks based on width. Use planks.

Julie Ranee Photography

2. Miter the conclusion of the first board by cutting a 45-degree angle.

Tip: We used a miter saw (shown here), but you can use a circular saw rather. Our pallet was made from hardwood, so some sort of power saw was required.

Julie Ranee Photography

3. Utilizing the measuring tape along the inside border of the mitered board, measure 1/2 inch less than the image width and mark with a pencil. As an example, here we measured 7 1/2 inches for the 8-inch side of the 8-by-10 frame.

Julie Ranee Photography

4. Putting the saw blade onto the mark you just made, miter (cut in a 45-degree angle) the other end of your very first board. If you’re using a miter saw, rrotate the blade to reduce another corner, and that means you are going to make the 2nd 45-degree cut from the opposite direction of their first.

Julie Ranee Photography

That is exactly what your board should look like with both ends mitered at 45 degrees. The inside length is 7 1/2 inches.

Julie Ranee Photography

5. Utilize the board you just completed to mark the cuts onto another board.

To get a square framework, you may repeat this step four times, because most of the sides are the same length. To get a rectangular frame, return to step 2 to finish the other two sides of this framework, taking into account that the period of the sides (mark 1/2 inch less than the dimensions of this photograph you intend to exhibit).

Julie Ranee Photography

6. Clamp the board into the edge of a workbench to prepare for routing, which will create the ledge where the picture will rest.

Julie Ranee Photography

7. Route each board. We used a 1/2-inch router bit and corrected the router so that it was 1/4 inch and 1/4 inch deep. Route half of this board.

Julie Ranee Photography

8. Reclamp the board to finish the other half.

Tip: Test the router onto a piece of scrap board. Before making any alterations, unplug the router. Ensure you route on the inside border and back side of the framework.

We cut the planks and then routed, but a better option may be to track the entire board first and then make the cuts.

Julie Ranee Photography

9. Construct the frames. Drill very shallow pilot holes with a 3/32-inch bit. Utilize corner braces to attach the sides together. We had to buy shorter (3/8-inch) screws instead of using the 1/2-inch screws that came with the braces.

Julie Ranee Photography

10. Attach the picture-hanging hardware. We used wire and triangular hangers.

Julie Ranee Photography

11. Insert the image. I will be honest: We attempted to use standard picture metal clips inserted in the framework to hold the image, but this timber was too hard! Instead, we used a couple of strips of duct tape onto the back of the photograph and frame.

Tip: once I get my pictures published, I have them mounted onto styrene foam planks to make them extra sturdy and have them printed with a matte finish.

Your turn: We would love to see what you’ve made with reclaimed wood. Please show us under!

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