Bed Down in a Cocoon of Beautiful Textiles

I haven’t always been fortunate enough to have a wonderful bedroom. In reality, there was a time when I didn’t even have a bed, so in regards to the place where I lay my head to sleep soundly during the night, I am enthusiastic about how I want it to feel, both physically and aesthetically. Nothing says comfort to me like a large, fluffy, bed nest. At the end of a dreadful day, once I can crawl beneath a cloud of blankets, sheets, cats and magazines, I am in my version of paradise on earth. I adore a well-made bed — there’s something elegant about having the ability to pull the covers down for a new night’s sleep.

A bed is an extremely personal thing. It is the cocoon where we begin and end each day. What we dress it with and how those things feel against our skin is vitally critical as a mattress and the room it is in. A soft, nubby coverlet folded at the end of the bed feels like an invitation to a long, languid rest, even though a shiny satin duvet beckons for a champagne brunch beneath the covers.

Although extra shams, pillows and throws are usually just for decoration, their arrangement on the bed adds a finishing and relaxing touch.

From the room envisioned, fabrics and feel are layered to create a luxe and diverse space that I’d be more than pleased to move into!

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A long time ago, I had been helping a boyfriend redo his bedroom. The room screamed frat party in my own every time I walked through the door. We began by replacing the random, mismatched sheets and sports-related blankets covering an extremely funky mattress. A couple new sheet sets and a single comforter later, I persuaded him he needed a duvet cover.

Him: “Why do I need a duvet cover? I have a comforter.”
Me: “Yes, the duvet covers the duvet to keep it from getting dirty, and you can switch up the look when you want to.”
Him: “Why would I need to change up the appearance? What determines when it is time to do that?”

It might have been a circular discussion until the end of time, with me trying to explain the merits of freshening up a him and look trying to understand why anyone would need more than one look anyway. To be fair to my ex, he had been all about work and practicality. Many men are. If he already had sheets, then why did it matter if they matched? Who was planning to see them? Did having a “grown-up” comforter make him sleep better compared to his favorite team blankets? I really don’t know. I can’t prove anything one way or another, but a bedroom that blends rich textures and complementary colors, since the room displayed here does, presents itself as an elegant place for laying your head.

Bedroom textiles help create a mood the moment you step in the space. From a linen-covered bench at the foot of the bed to woven curtain panels along with an upholstered headboard, the fabrics you choose give you a chance to create a dream of sorts — to tell a tale about what feels amazing to you and who you are in that room.

My bedroom is my sanctuary. I’ve adorned my bed with things that feel comforting: heavy blankets, a classic bedspread, a duvet for cold nights, kilim pillows and flannel sheets. Some people prefer the feel of sharp, cold sheets against their skin and the simplicity of ironed and bleached cotton.

This is a refreshing and clean room that speaks to a lot of styles — country cottage, farmhouse, European shore flat — and yet is beholden to none.

But simplicity isn’t the same as simple. Having a woven throw at the end of the bed, the easy white bedding is much more bohemian and relaxed. White bedding adds itself nicely to change. In the event the pillows were changed for a large linen bolster, the room might easily go French. Using a velvet coverlet and sisal rug, it might move in a more diverse direction.

White cotton Deciding a canopy bed includes a classic and romantic appeal. Draping the identical bed in brocade and velvet evokes a castle-like setting, while gauzy, almost transparent panels include a distinctly tropical vibe. Bedroom fabrics are the string that ties the entire room together.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Simplicity does not mean boring, either. Choosing one or two colors that show up in each one of the bedroom’s textiles is a great way to create a cohesive, thoughtful space that fits with any design style. While the room shown here leans toward warm contemporary, it might also be considered modern or even tidy eclectic. The white, black and yellow colour palette is a contemporary one that contrasts extremely well across every style kind.


Choosing textiles in the same tonal and colour families makes a bedroom feel equally high end and calming. The gradients of chocolate and cream shown here are warm and rich neutrals that are stunning in their, but that might be instantly altered with the addition of a glowing orange cushion, a throw on the bench or patterned sheets.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams

I have a couple friends who swear they can’t sleep unless the bed is made with white sheets. I adore the concept of white sheets, but I am terrified I will wake up and recognize that I am disgusting in some way I probably shouldn’t know about. My sheets are greatly patterned or monochrome. Almost always the colour is gray. When layered, dark gray fabrics tell a sexy, moody, more masculine color narrative. The profound graphite blanket on the pretty pin-tucked duvet and steely sheets is at once inviting, intriguing and mystical to me.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

The wonderful blue, gray and cream fabrics in this photo tell a completely different color narrative. It is glowing, soothing, feminine and soft. The blues are all in the same color family, together with pops of gray at the curtain panels and mocha on the headboard. The appearance is easy on the eyes and yet anything but boring.

Kim Armstrong

Another wonderful blue room has boldly patterned fabrics with deeper tones of blue and statement-making bright white. It feels intriguing, like the people read rare books and go on endless adventures each time they depart.

Chronicle Books

This room is anything but basic. Yet it’s got all the very same components as every other bedroom: a bed, bedside tables, a carpet and lighting. It is the textiles that make this room what it’s — cleverly connected. The bright, bold, bedding mixed with a graphic multicolored carpet and pillows that play the colors in the rug actually do “match.” It is a colour combination that violates the rule that everything in a bedroom has to be low crucial to be calming. For me everything needs to work collectively and be amazing to make a restful space.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

I am smitten by means of bright colors in an adult bedroom. The colour narrative says, “fun, lively, open and distinctive.” The great mix of sea green with turquoise makes this room feel like a weekend getaway of the best type.

Adrienne Chinn Design

Pairing variations in texture, for example machine embroidery with hand embroidery, adds interest without disrupting an otherwise beautifully dull distance.

Design Manifest

Mixing brightly colored fabrics and bold patterns does not need to be daunting. Choose one cloth, like the classic coverlet displayed, since the celebrity and build around it. The batik elephant pillow can also be blue and richly stained, while the patterned pink pillows add a touch a whimsy. It is an eclectic area that works because the colors are sweet and unassuming and romantic in a dreamy, youthful, carefree type of way.

Fluff Interior Design

Using an assortment of boldly patterned fabrics from the same colour family is a more conservative way to inject a little bit of fun eclecticism in your bedroom’s style but has the same effect. Rather than the star cloth being the coverlet, a small colorfully embroidered pillow does the trick.


Whatever your style, select fabrics for your bedroom that inspire you, comfort you and also speak to how you want to feel in that room. Whether you are a minimalist having a love affair with all white or a conventional sort with a penchant for pops of bright colour, invest in your own pleasure and give yourself a great place to start your day.

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