Baseboard protects the base of a wall from scuffs dirt and collisions at the joint where it meets the floor. Usually made from timber, it may be simple or elaborate, with moldings and trim.

Paul Hofmann Construction

Clear timber makes for a easy baseboard with a tiny trim at its base.

Robert J Erdmann Design, LLC

Miter cuts are rather difficult, making the corners of this curved baseboard molding a masterpiece of angle cuts.

Studio William Hefner

You can observe the pristine wall will be protected by the baseboard of this hallway .

Amoroso Design

A baseboard can be repainted whereas walls appear to reveal touch-ups.

Levy Art + Architecture

Fairly often, contemporary houses dare to exclude baseboards from their finishwork, and it’s pricey to complete walls off this way.

Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

A clever way to get the traditional appearance of baseboard would be to utilize smaller trim and paint the rest, as in this kitchen.

Dwelling Building Group

Various cuts of molding or trim may add personality to the baseboard.

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