Design Elements: Beautiful Reclaimed Wood

Want to include an aged patina to your home and save a tree or three at precisely the exact same moment? Consider sourcing retrieved wood. These boards include torn-down barns, houses or even factories. If you own an older home, you might already have some gorgeous wood behind the drywall or around the loft floor. Here are a few stellar examples of how architects, interior designers and builders are adding reclaimed wood’s wonderful texture to walls, floors, cabinets and more.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Sometimes reclaiming means looking at what may be hiding behind the drywall or newer layers of paneling. Designer Garrison Hullinger brought the walls down to reveal such 100-year-old tongue-and-groove planks. Bonus: The stunning accent wall eliminates the requirement for a headboard.

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Robert Hawkins

Architect Robert Hawkins utilized reclaimed hardwood for this perpendicular interior paneling. In terms of its prior life, ” he says,”I believe it was in an older barn arrangement in the Midwest originally. It has been milled with a shiplap profile.

“We love the warm character and feel that the material exudes to the space; understanding that the material is getting another life is a good feeling. Because the surface of the wood has a natural aged patina, no stain is necessary or desired, thereby avoiding the potential intrusion of VOCs to the inside surroundings,” he says.

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

This gorgeous fireplace wall stands up to the scale of the soaring ceiling, making it possible to utilize a small fireplace. The wood was originally in a barn in Texas. “The house was designed to be a part of the landscape. This was accomplished by the way in which the house sits at the site, the positioning of windows and the position of walls for viewpoints,” says Pam Lamaster-Millet, the project’s architect. “We felt that the reclaimed wood was appropriate for its key focus of the living room, as an extension of the wooded site to the house, and a nod to the agricultural region of Algoma.”

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Architect Richard Bubnowski maintained white walls as a backdrop to emphasize a rich mixture of textures in the home. The fireplace facade is covered in local reclaimed oak, which communicates a sense of era to the new construct and performs the kitchen cabinets and island.

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Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Here’s a glance at that kitchen cabinet wood mentioned before, which has been whitewashed.

Jane Kim Design

The counters and shelves in this industrial kitchen are manufactured from reclaimed barn wood, which navigates between the exposed brick and stainless steel. The wood adds character and a sense of background to this slick attic.

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Dresser Homes

If you’d like the part of reclaimed wood in your home but are not up for a renovation, you can bring it in conjunction with furniture. This coffee table is manufactured from reclaimed railroad ties.

Woodland Creek Furniture

This table’s top used to be a doorway, and is complete with the original rusty and crusty ring door pull.

Holly Marder

If you are great with tools, then you might want to accept a mirrored desk as a do-it-yourself project. A happy accident improved the appearance of the dining table, which can be created from repurposed wood planks. The appearance was inspired by a few spilled paint.

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Rough Linen

Obviously, I can’t talk about reclaimed wood without incorporating Tricia Rose’s one-of-a-kind driftwood headboard.

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Structures, Inc..

The old beams and ceiling boards in this contemporary kitchen give it a charming and hot European feel.

Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Keys

Pairing reclaimed wood with other reclaimed objects is a winning combination. This sink, salvaged from an old industrial building, sits atop cabinets fashioned from reclaimed wood.

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Summerour Architects

Engineered wood is a fantastic eco friendly alternative for flooring. If you are recycling floorboards, you can often find boards which are different sizes than the usual standards on the industry today. If you are renovating an older home, mine the loft for unfinished wide plank boards and replace the loft floor with something less particular.

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16 Stunningly Gorgeous Fireplaces

Occasionally practical things were created so delightfully they confuse the line between artwork and architecture. In this group are sculptural amazing and, arguably, artwork the hearth surrounds.

With the eventide developing heater, it may seem it is a humorous time to function an ideabook in regards to the hearth. But in the event you have been thinking about re-modeling yours, now’s the time that is perfect. With the entire summer ahead of you as well as a few inspiration, by the time it gets cool again, you’ll have your personal masterpiece to take pleasure from.

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CF + D custom hearth layout

Our link to fireplace and artwork have gone hand in hand since cavemen produced artwork on the walls of caverns by firelight. This metal hearth surround by Focus Hearths makes me think of viewing a a fire. It feels historical and contemporary.

Craig Denis

The aspects of the classic hearth match anything I noticed in the fortresses of Europe! It makes me desire to relax before the fireplace while playing Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G Major.” That music makes me feel uplifted and that I believe it suits the fire-place.

Four Corners Construction, L.P.

I am reminded by this huge hearth !

Four Corners Construction, L.P.

Revealed from a different perspective it is possible to observe what angles that were fascinating the hearth has.

Pepe Calderin Style- Contemporary Home Design

Selecting the path of positioning and choosing the right section of rock shows a lovely natural thing of beauty off. It is a historical part of rock, however it reads just like a modern abstract painting.

Mahoney Architects & Insides

This hearth is on a mo-Re personal scale compared to the preceding examples, but nevertheless incredibly arty.

Birdseye Layout

I enjoy the glow of of sunshine during the glass that is textured panels. The bulk of the marble mantel is wonderfully offset from the out of the blue floating and thinner marble fireplace. Just what a joy!

Cravotta Interiors

This impressive hearth was custom created for hand and the customer carved from rock. I ‘d hear to Bach again, yet this time it would need to be “Tocata and Fugue in D Small,” a considerably heftier bit.

Webber + Studio, Architects

I do not understand what stuff this hearth is produced from, but it jogs my memory . It h AS this type of lovely, shiny black surface using a little variation incolor. The contour is gently organic, like it were handcrafted on a potter’s wheel. The form feels s O normal that it really took me awhile to find that it’s set in the wall off centre.

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

This chain of giant blocks that are grey delivers the carved rocks of lost cultures to head — believe temple blocks. In addition, it fits perfectly using the picture on the wall.

LDa Architecture & Insides

This can be this kind of exceptional environment using its asymmetrical arrangement of rock and copper. I prefer how the officer picks up colours in the hearth.

I do believe the fascinating layering of styles as well as the switching vertical and flat wood grain undoubtedly give an arty talent is surrounded by this.

CF + D custom hearth design

I believed I’d wrap this ideabook up with a mo Re hearth encompasses created from exactly the same company whose work is revealed in the picture that was lead. The green patinaed steel environment might be open to expose the hearth within …

CF + D custom hearth design

… or closed to give merely a glance. This cryptic slash of a gap would appear lovely when the fireplace is not lit.

CF + D custom hearth design

With no fire beneath it it, I’d be prepared to view this in a contemporary art museum.

CF + D custom hearth design

And this one also!

CF + D custom hearth design

Artwork frequently evokes e motion or a reaction in the audience. This one includes a crazy tilt that makes me sense off-balance to get a minute.

Thus did any of the hearths start your interest?

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Details that are advanced: Letting in the Light

For a 2009 job in Manhattan’s Tribeca community, New York company Workshop/apd was charged with renovating a historical condominium’s dark and reception that was un-appealing. Neon – the normal play of of sunshine as well as wall-paper from new ground -to-ceiling windows and outside louvers, the designers developed a welcoming and mild area for occupants, while paying homage to the architecture of a Tribeca attic that is historical.


Designing an airy and contemporary entry per the desires of the building’s possessor, while complying with all attentive oversight and the stringent regulations of district board and the Landmarks Preservation Commission, became an exercise in compromise. The end result is an airy layout that nods to the building’s earlier while projecting a vision of modernity.


The inspiration for the facade style came from necessary. “The first objective was to to create just as much sunlight as well as a light eminent atmosphere to the present tight and dark room,” says architect Stephan Thimme. “Once that was reached, by maximizing glazing as well as the coloured wallpaper in the top walls, the outdoor louvers were added for shading and protection.” The louvers were made to resemble the alloy roller shutters which are characteristic of Tribeca cast-iron structures that were first.


Picking to work together with the sun, Workshop had the building amount cut over the reception door to the powder coated aluminium and steel louvers.


The passing of the movement of sunlight as well as the day is recorded along the walls of the foyer as the projection of the tackle moves. The result is a nearly entrancing and active wall decor that artistically and economically provides natural light to the the room.


It’s the wallpaper that actually brings life while the glazing might provide light to the foyer. Custom developed in the daring swirls of animate house with this job and awaken the the area.


“The ground and reduced walls are held in relaxed tones to go with all the outside of the building as well as the road. The brilliant green wall-paper on the top walls provides a mild and refreshing emphasis that also reminds of trees which are totally missing with this block,” proceeds Thimme.


The visionary and light encounter of the attic reception is a subtle sophistication not readily attained. “Downtown New York City is known because of its dim canyons of roads between structures that are tall. To have effectively finished a job that plays with all the sun without driving it, could be looked at rather a achievement.”


“The significant move was to keep a transparent separation to be able to let historical and new parts complement each other,” notes Thimme. “The scheme had not been to change but to improve as much as feasible the first cast iron facade components and make use of the modern pieces just as insets and counterpoints.”


Clear differentiation is a skillful method to approach at odds layout designs. Matching reverses side by side maybe not only emphasizes how they have been distinct, but in addition shows what makes them wonderful and special.

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