8 Green Palettes Worthy of Envy

Green is the unofficial hue of spring and summer, and you can add this organic, organic color to just about any existing color scheme. Green is nature’s neutral. Soft, muted variations of this colour are extremely easy to live with and can get your home dressed up for the sunny season in fashion.

Amy Lau Design

Green and gray. These days green seems totally on trend using a sexy neutral like gray. The combo lends a modern feel to a room.

Walter Studio Interior Design

Green and orange. These colours create a lively retro look when used collectively. Introduce them with ease using throw pillows, artwork and accent seats.

Coggan + Crawford Architecture + Design

Green and red. This color combo isn’t only for the holidays; additionally, it looks fresh and fun during the summer. If you already have reddish accessories on your area, you won’t have to include considerably more. A moss-green area rug will do.

Cablik Enterprises

Green and gold. Create a natural, rustic look by pairing green with golden honey tones. If you presently have a honey-tone ceiling or ceiling, you are halfway there. Go green with your seats using a fun, patterned fabric.

Rikki Snyder

Green and teal. This really is the most bizarre peacock color scheme, which has witnessed a recent increase in popularity. This color combo is classic and refined, and will work in any room in your home.

Peacock Decor Struts Its Stuff

Siemasko + Verbridge

Green and yellow. This duo is an instance of perfect colour balance. The coolness of green paired with the warmth of yellow always makes a space feel comfortable. These colours represent the grass and the sun, and together they create the greatest summer shade scheme.

Amy Lau Design

Green and green. If you love green and you desire a permanent look that will go past the summer, look for a chic wall covering that includes different shades of green, like walnut, lime and chartreuse. Then you can fortify the palette using throw cushions and other textiles.

Petrella Designs, Inc..

Green and pink. This complementary colour scheme is a fantastic choice for a woman’s room. Decide on a light or midtone green along with a brilliant pink for a lighthearted, delicate look.

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Trim Color Tips: Get Your White Trim Right

With the many decisions one must make during renovation or construction, the small ones can be the roughest. Take selecting a trim color; it is a relatively small detail, but I’ve seen many homeowners worry about making the decision wait till the very last minute, with a paint builder breathing down their neck to get a choice. Not fun.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess high-quality wood trim that’s in good shape, and you enjoy the appearance of it unpainted, consider yourself blessed. For those who need to or need to paint your trim white, here are a couple options which may spark an idea for your own project.

Ingrained Wood Studios

If you enjoy contrast. Use color to set off amazing door and window casings. With all the walls painted a deep, dark color and with a crisp white for the trim, the stunning details in the space here really pop.

Jennifer Ott Design

For a minimalist appearance. If you’re stuck with builder-grade wood trim or prefer a minimalist look, paint the trim the exact same color as the surrounding wall. Use a semigloss sheen onto the wood so that it’s stronger and easier to clean.

Sellentin True Design Build

With natural wood. In case you’ve got nice wood components, keep them but place off them with white painted wood trim. If the baseboard trim and door casings here were natural wood, not one of the components would really stand out, particularly against the wood floor and the cosmetic joists over the door. Add white painted trim to the mix, however, and each one the high-quality wood detailing stands outside.

LJL Design llc

With cool colors. A foolproof way to pick a trim color is to take a cue in the color palette in the room. If you’re painting your walls a cool shade (greens, blues, purples or grays), then find a white which reads as cooler. The simplest way to do this is to place swatches of different white paints alongside another and see how they play off one another. Some colors will look more hot or beige-like; others will read as a very light gray with hints of green, blue or purple.

Jennifer Ott Design

Stylish white trim colors. Each of these paint colors reads as plain white or even a minor off-white individually. But when they are placed alongside another, you can really see the hints of different colors they feature.

Based on the color calibration of your screen, what you see here color-wise is not necessarily what it is you will get. Always refer to the actual paint swatches when picking colors and sample any colors you like to be certain they work on your own space.

From left to right:
1. Site White SW7070, Sherwin-Williams
2. Full Moon 780E-2, Behr
3. Mineral Ash 7006-19, Valspar
4. Horizon OC-53, Benjamin Moore

Birdseye Design

With warm colors. In case your palette is on the warmer side (shades of red, brown, orange or yellow), pick a white which has a hint of warmth. This could be a white with orange or yellow mixed in.

Jennifer Ott Design

Warm white trim colors. See the notice about your monitor’s color calibration above.

From left to right:
1. Creamy SW7012, Sherwin-Williams
2. Popped Corn W-B-200, Behr
3. Snow Cap 7003-8, Valspar
4. Acadia White OC-38, Benjamin Moore

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Mix things up with neutrals. Those who like to branch out and are convinced in their own color selections can blend up their warm and cool colors. This beautiful dining area includes a neutral wall shade with a cool ceiling shade and a hot white trim shade. The effect is calming since the colors are very muted and soft.

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Cooking With Color: When to Utilize Yellow in the Kitchen

Are you a sunny optimist? Or do you just wish you can channel that vibe? Connected with joy, exuberance and elegance, yellow is an excellent color choice for the kitchen. Since yellow reflects a lot of visible light compared with other colors, it is ideal to restrict brighter shades of this attention-getting hue to small doses and materials that you truly need to stand out.

Listed below are my top yellow paint picks along with eight eye-catching yellow kitchens to inspire one.

Jennifer Ott Design

8 yummy yellows for the kitchen (clockwise from top left):

1. Sparkling Wine 15-3, by Pratt & Lambert
2. Pineapple Delight 211-3, by Pittsburgh Paints
3. Lemon Basil 097-3, by Mythic Paint
4. Daffodil Yellow 380-B4, by Behr
5. Decisive Yellow SW6902, by Sherwin-Williams
6. Laguna Yellow 291, by Benjamin Moore
7. Top Banana 3008-1C, by Valspar
8. Golden Treasure KM3437-2, by Kelly-Moore

Luciano Group

This cosy kitchen includes a warm and inviting shade of yellow on the walls. Combined with the warm wood and brick tones along with the white cabinetry, it is a pleasant kitchen palette.

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Oakwood Projects Ltd..

Yellow looks modern in this contemporary stunner. The bold yellow cabinetry is balanced well by the mild hardwood flooring and darker wood-clad exposed ceiling. The stainless steel appliances add a cool sheen to the mixture.

Kaia Calhoun

A bold yellow accent wall in the kitchen is a great way to create a vibrant focal point in an otherwise mild and neutral kitchen. I enjoy the way the floor tile picks up the yellow, gray, white and black palette here. It is a cheery and modern kitchen color scheme.

Adrienne DeRosa

This charming kitchen features a nice mixture of mellow and bold yellows. The small bits of red and blue add drama without going overboard on color.

T.A.S Construction

For people who favor softer yellows, take inspiration from this lovely kitchen and use a pale citrusy yellow on your cabinetry or kitchen walls. This seems like a happy area for preparing a meal on even the dreariest of days.

Louie Leu Architect, Inc..

The great thing about yellow is that it can go superlight without becoming a sugary pastel. This creamy yellow wall color contains just enough brown inside to keep it sophisticated. This is a gorgeous kitchen with a soothing, natural palette.

Rich Mathers Construction, Inc..

I can not decide what I love most about this kitchen — these gorgeous mellow yellow backplash tiles from Heath Ceramics, the bold orange pendants that provide a great little punch of color or the beautifully manicured counter stools by the Cherner Chair Company. Sometimes too much bold shade can divert from the fine stuff used at a space. Here’s a good example of using just the right amount of color and letting the beautiful stuff get the attention they deserve.

Beckwith Interiors

This yellow resin countertop convinced makes a bold statement and draws your attention directly to the cool, linear sink. The rest of the colors used are light or neutral, allowing the countertop, sink and onyx backsplash behind the stove to really stand out.

Inform us Does a yellow kitchen make you happy? How have you used the color in your property?

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Cooking With Color: The Way to Use White in the Kitchen

As much as I am drawn to boldly colorful kitchens, I also have a soft spot for the contrary: the white kitchen. But you can’t just specify white for all the materials, finishes and fixtures and take it a day. Comparable to a slim-fitting white gown or a set of white jeans that are skinny, white is not the most forgiving colour — if something is white, we tend to notice little details about it, like the grade of the texture or material. This is because white reflects light — unlike darker hues, which tend to absorb light. So while I’d use bold, vivid colour to distract the eye from lower-quality or less-interesting materials, I would use white to accentuate higher-quality or superbly produced materials, letting them take centre stage.

Also keep in mind that a lot of white on your kitchen can feel cold, sterile and unwelcoming. You will see that most of the kitchens below, while predominantly white, also often add natural wood in some way — typically in the form of flooring or furniture, which adds warmth, charm and character. White makes the perfect backdrop for dashes of colour. Or, for a relaxing and tranquil space, add other mild neutrals, such as colors of beige, tan and gray.

Permit these 11 exquisite white kitchens, together with some of my favorite white paints, inspire you.

Wm. F. Holland/Architect

This beautiful kitchen in colors of white, gray and wood tones is a lovely example of the way to work with white at a kitchen. There is quite a little glossy stainless steel, but it’s balanced out nicely by the farm table — using its rich patina — and the wood floors.

Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

The exposed wood pole and beams along with the intriguing pendants across the peninsula add character and charm to this modern white kitchen.

Melissa Lenox Design

I love this wood floor, but it needed to compete with wood-toned cabinetry, it could start to look busy. It is a clean white kitchen having just the right amount of charming bits: the island pendants, the glass-front upper cabinet doors and the lightly textured backsplash tile.

My ideal kitchen would have a link to the outdoors and abundant natural light trickling in through walls of windows. But for a lot of reasons, this situation is often not possible. The best way to fake it’s to go with a monochromatic white palette and also good artificial lighting. This kitchen seems to acquire natural light in an adjoining wall or space, but even though it didn’t, it would nevertheless feel light and bright and open due to the abundant use of white and light-reflecting stainless steel.


Here is another space lacking windows on the main kitchen partitions, but because of the white walls, cabinets and countertops it feels airy and open.

Loop Design

For people who want to exhibit colorful artwork or collectibles in their kitchen — such as these turquoise dishes — a white kitchen offers the perfect backdrop. Think of it like a gallery space, in which the objets d’art are on screen and get your entire attention.

Sabal Homes

I love the stools and pendants within this kitchen. The white walls and cabinets act as a blank canvas, allowing the intriguing furnishings and fixtures to really stick out.

House of Bohn

White is also a fantastic color choice at a kitchen if you’re fortunate enough to have a tantalizing view out your windows. With opinions like these, you do not want your attention diverted by extreme colours or occupied patterns and textures on the interior. Additionally, white works well to rip black out; we tend to prefer darker colours set lower to the floor, with lighter hues going up the wall and on the ceiling.

Alex Maguire Photography

This kitchen illustrates how white works well as a supportive colour to high-quality materials and craftsmanship details. Colorful walls and cabinetry will distract from each one of the gorgeous marble.

McKinney Photography

White also works to open up a kitchen, which makes it seem bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

Abbey Construction Company, Inc..

And if you’re blessed with a large, expansive kitchen, you can use white to tie together other areas of the house which are open to it to get a seamless feel.

Jennifer Ott Design

Most paint companies possess a “pure white” or “ultrawhite” paint, which will give you a very crisp and clean look from the kitchen. But you can also go with a color of white which has a tiny bit of yellow, brown or gray, which will warm up or cool down the white and also include a little life to it.

Notice: The gaps from the paint swatch appearances will vary depending upon your screen, but this can give you a beginning point in the paint shop. As always, make sure you paint a large test area and examine it through the day and week, using artificial and natural lighting, prior to making a final decision.

White paint chooses to get the kitchen (from left to right):

1. Marshmallow SW7001, by Sherwin-Williams
2. Swiss Coffee OC-45, by Benjamin Moore
3. Sauterne OW-6-1, by Mythic Paint
4. Bistro White 7006-4, by Valspar

Tell us Are you a lover of white kitchens? Or do you prefer cooking with more color?

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12 Colors for Night Owls

It’s a lesson straight from Color 101, but I’ve forgotten it over once: Always test paint colours in day light. A shade that looks great in bright sunlight can fade or be muddy as nighttime approaches. Fortunately, the opposite is true: Some colours reach their peak only when the evening is winding down. Check these better-by-night ideas out.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Moody and mysterious, this smoky blue color evokes the feeling of twilight. I love the controlled impact of this framed blueprint on the wall — it adds only enough picture interest without jarring the eye.

Elizabeth Dinkel

The time of day, a pale blush hue glows.

Somewhere between apricot and terracotta, this dining area becomes prettier as the sun sets. Wouldn’t it look inviting with dimmed lights and a lot of candles?


While black rooms may feel gloomy during the daytime, nighttime is a different story. Sleek, mysterious and — dare I say? — alluring, this ebony area comes alive as the day ends.

Brilliant tangerine walls exude warmth. I can only imagine how pretty this space appears in the late afternoon and early evening.

Casart Coverings

Clear pink looks great with soft light bouncing off it. And if that light hits skin, it’s universally flattering. I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t look a little more fetching in this area.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Walking into this salmon-colored entry would feel as a big, warm hug, particularly at nighttime. What a welcome!

Erika Bierman Photography

The aubergine colour on the curtain panel is sink-right-in flavorful, and it would just intensify in the day. I would extend it to all four walls for a glamorous effect.

Glenn Gissler Design

Lipstick red sizzles, regardless of what. But at nighttime time, it takes on an exotic, daring allure.

Ruth Kintzer Interior Design

Rich chocolate brown almost always looks amazing in low light. This colour, which feels like a melted Hershey bar, is especially scrumptious.

As soon as I saw this picture, my first thought was”Where’s the pub?” It seems as though it’s just waiting for a cocktail party. The deep gray-green on the walls feels intimate and cozy, and the mirrored accents help spread light around the room.

Economy Interiors

Yellow tones can perish at night if they’re too light, too green or too lemony. This is a little cluttered, with just enough brown in it to keep it warm.

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