12 Colors for Night Owls

It’s a lesson straight from Color 101, but I’ve forgotten it over once: Always test paint colours in day light. A shade that looks great in bright sunlight can fade or be muddy as nighttime approaches. Fortunately, the opposite is true: Some colours reach their peak only when the evening is winding down. Check these better-by-night ideas out.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Moody and mysterious, this smoky blue color evokes the feeling of twilight. I love the controlled impact of this framed blueprint on the wall — it adds only enough picture interest without jarring the eye.

Elizabeth Dinkel

The time of day, a pale blush hue glows.

Somewhere between apricot and terracotta, this dining area becomes prettier as the sun sets. Wouldn’t it look inviting with dimmed lights and a lot of candles?


While black rooms may feel gloomy during the daytime, nighttime is a different story. Sleek, mysterious and — dare I say? — alluring, this ebony area comes alive as the day ends.

Brilliant tangerine walls exude warmth. I can only imagine how pretty this space appears in the late afternoon and early evening.

Casart Coverings

Clear pink looks great with soft light bouncing off it. And if that light hits skin, it’s universally flattering. I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t look a little more fetching in this area.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Walking into this salmon-colored entry would feel as a big, warm hug, particularly at nighttime. What a welcome!

Erika Bierman Photography

The aubergine colour on the curtain panel is sink-right-in flavorful, and it would just intensify in the day. I would extend it to all four walls for a glamorous effect.

Glenn Gissler Design

Lipstick red sizzles, regardless of what. But at nighttime time, it takes on an exotic, daring allure.

Ruth Kintzer Interior Design

Rich chocolate brown almost always looks amazing in low light. This colour, which feels like a melted Hershey bar, is especially scrumptious.

As soon as I saw this picture, my first thought was”Where’s the pub?” It seems as though it’s just waiting for a cocktail party. The deep gray-green on the walls feels intimate and cozy, and the mirrored accents help spread light around the room.

Economy Interiors

Yellow tones can perish at night if they’re too light, too green or too lemony. This is a little cluttered, with just enough brown in it to keep it warm.

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