How to Clean a Rug Like a Pro

There are two ways to clean your rugs. You can choose to hire an expert for house cleaning Gilbert, or you can do it on your own. If you do not have the time or skills, it’s better to hire an expert. If you know what to do, and have the time, you can save a lot of money by cleaning the rug on your own.

By cleaning your rugs regularly, you make sure they last longer and maintain their warmth, color, and comfort under your feet.

It’s an easy and straightforward procedure, especially if you work with the following expert tips:


You must vacuum the rug first. This is to remove any debris and dirt from the surface. Vacuuming should be done not just on the front part, but also the back. Ensure you have a brush to remove any hair particles if you have pets in the house. After that, take it outside and set it out on a surface that’s waterproof, like the patio or your driveway.


In case you are using one of the rug cleaning shampoos you get from local stores, be keen on the manufacturer’s instructions on the proper mix for different rugs. If you don’t have a shampoo, simply mix liquid dishwashing soap into a bucket of warm water. Make sure you don’t use hot water because it can make the rug fade or shrink. Before using any cleaning solution, always test it out on a small section of the rug that will not stand out.


Get either a cleaning brush with soft bristles or a sponge and apply the cleaning mix you made. Work the liquid on the surface of the rug to form a lather. Make sure you are not over saturating the rug with the solution because it might take a very long time to clean it off.

Let the maid service Gilbert AZ solution stay on for around 5 minutes and then rinse it off with a garden hose. With a wet and dry vacuum, suck out as much of the water from the rug as you possibly can, and then leave the rug outside to dry. Make sure the rug has dried completely before you return it to your house, or you might risk the formation of mold. In order to make sure the rug is completely dried out, turn it around so that both sides are exposed to the sun.

While this will work for most rugs, there are some rugs that will need professional cleaning. If you own Persian rugs, for example, the only way to clean them well is with a professional house cleaning Gilbert AZ service. You can easily damage the frills if you decide to go DIY on it. For such rugs, the only thing you can do on your own is spot cleaning. This works for simple stains and spills which should be cleaned as soon as they occur.

10 Professional Tips To Help You Get Cleaning Done Fast

Have you ever thought about how professional cleaners clean your house very fast and still do a good job? If you overlook their experience, there are some simple tips that guide them whenever they are working in your home. Follow these steps and you will never spend more time than needed on window cleaning Anchorage.


Try and avoid casual cleaning. Ensure house cleaning Anchorage is scheduled so that you can handle it within a specific timeline. When doing this, make sure you do not have other stuff to attend so you can give the cleaning job your full attention.


Cleaning can be boring, especially if you are alone in the house. To overcome this, find something to motivate you. You can play some music that will get you active and in the mood, or an audio book.

Proper Dressing

Have you ever seen how professional cleaners dress up? You should do the same. Get clothes that are washable, comfortable and unique for the task at hand. You might also want to use knee pads and comfortable shoes. In case there are chemicals involved, gloves, goggles and eye protection gear are also very necessary.

Get The Right Tools

Avoid sub-standard cleaning tools and products. They might be cheap but you will have to keep spending on them. Instead, get quality tools. You will find it easier to complete the task with quality equipment.


The supplies you need should be very easy to find. Put them all in one place. The key supplies are the abrasive cleaner, bathroom and tile cleaner, and a specific cleaner for glass surfaces. If you can find multipurpose supplies, that would be even better.


You might have noticed that professional cleaners keep their tools near. This is an efficiency concern. They will have the mop and vacuum by the doorway, and a trash bag close to the wool duster. This way, they do not have to keep going up and down the stairs.


You should know where to start and where to finish. This way, you won’t keep going around the same place over and over. It also helps you plan the Anchorage cleaning services. Make sure each movement you make counts. Clean everything ahead of you before moving on.

Pick Up Stuff

Before you start cleaning, pick up litter or anything that is not in the right place, and keep them where they should be. You will have an easier time cleaning without having to keep pausing to move items around. With little or no distractions, your work will also be very faster.

Work Your Hands

When doing cleaning services Anchorage, having more hands on the job will be easier. Always make sure you use both hands when cleaning. Keeping them both busy will help you complete the tasks faster. Take mirrors, for example. You can use one hand for spraying and the other for wiping down.

Get Help

You will spend less time cleaning the house when you have someone helping you. If there’s someone around who can assist, ask them. At the same time, make sure your support is coordinated, or you may end up wasting more time in the process.