Trim Color Tips: Get Your White Trim Right

With the many decisions one must make during renovation or construction, the small ones can be the roughest. Take selecting a trim color; it is a relatively small detail, but I’ve seen many homeowners worry about making the decision wait till the very last minute, with a paint builder breathing down their neck to get a choice. Not fun.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess high-quality wood trim that’s in good shape, and you enjoy the appearance of it unpainted, consider yourself blessed. For those who need to or need to paint your trim white, here are a couple options which may spark an idea for your own project.

Ingrained Wood Studios

If you enjoy contrast. Use color to set off amazing door and window casings. With all the walls painted a deep, dark color and with a crisp white for the trim, the stunning details in the space here really pop.

Jennifer Ott Design

For a minimalist appearance. If you’re stuck with builder-grade wood trim or prefer a minimalist look, paint the trim the exact same color as the surrounding wall. Use a semigloss sheen onto the wood so that it’s stronger and easier to clean.

Sellentin True Design Build

With natural wood. In case you’ve got nice wood components, keep them but place off them with white painted wood trim. If the baseboard trim and door casings here were natural wood, not one of the components would really stand out, particularly against the wood floor and the cosmetic joists over the door. Add white painted trim to the mix, however, and each one the high-quality wood detailing stands outside.

LJL Design llc

With cool colors. A foolproof way to pick a trim color is to take a cue in the color palette in the room. If you’re painting your walls a cool shade (greens, blues, purples or grays), then find a white which reads as cooler. The simplest way to do this is to place swatches of different white paints alongside another and see how they play off one another. Some colors will look more hot or beige-like; others will read as a very light gray with hints of green, blue or purple.

Jennifer Ott Design

Stylish white trim colors. Each of these paint colors reads as plain white or even a minor off-white individually. But when they are placed alongside another, you can really see the hints of different colors they feature.

Based on the color calibration of your screen, what you see here color-wise is not necessarily what it is you will get. Always refer to the actual paint swatches when picking colors and sample any colors you like to be certain they work on your own space.

From left to right:
1. Site White SW7070, Sherwin-Williams
2. Full Moon 780E-2, Behr
3. Mineral Ash 7006-19, Valspar
4. Horizon OC-53, Benjamin Moore

Birdseye Design

With warm colors. In case your palette is on the warmer side (shades of red, brown, orange or yellow), pick a white which has a hint of warmth. This could be a white with orange or yellow mixed in.

Jennifer Ott Design

Warm white trim colors. See the notice about your monitor’s color calibration above.

From left to right:
1. Creamy SW7012, Sherwin-Williams
2. Popped Corn W-B-200, Behr
3. Snow Cap 7003-8, Valspar
4. Acadia White OC-38, Benjamin Moore

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Mix things up with neutrals. Those who like to branch out and are convinced in their own color selections can blend up their warm and cool colors. This beautiful dining area includes a neutral wall shade with a cool ceiling shade and a hot white trim shade. The effect is calming since the colors are very muted and soft.

Inform us : What is your go-to white trim paint?

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