Expand Your Living Room Using an Outdoor Fireplace

By rooftop terraces to backyard sanctuaries, a fireplace can transform an ordinary outdoor space into a true extension of your property. Whether you would like to entertain friends or include a few mild-weather square footage for your family, the flickering flame of a fireplace could add to your home’s value and improve your capacity to enjoy it yearlong. These exterior architectural elements can be made in all shapes, sizes and styles to match your home perfectly.

Have a trip using these backyards to inspire your own outdoor fireplace design.

Pedersen Associates

Significant seating. Ample seating constructed around the fireplace helps use an outdoor space on chilly nights.

Tip: Set blankets or seat cushions in your hearth as a layer between bodies and the chilly and hard rock.

Bernard Andre Photography

Double sided. Light and airy, this fireplace has an enlarged opening that makes it seem just there. This layout allows you to enjoy the flame’s warmth from both sides.

Tip: A massive opening and clear opinions like this imply you can sit by the fire while watching your kids at the pool.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Tall and stately. The tall exterior chimney of this home comprises a quintessential brick and mortar fireplace. The simple style is timeless and durable.

Suggestion: in case you don’t enjoy the rustic or classic appearance of brick, talk to a designer or builder about possibly painting your brick fireplace.

Tate Studio Architects

Architectural element. This home’s roof extends into an integrated built-in fireplace that had to have been proposed in the pattern stage.

Tip: If you reside in a warmer climate, building an outdoor space in your home’s layout will have prospective buyers running for their checkbooks.

Chandos Interiors

Outdoor living area. This outdoor living room feels just like an indoor living area. The fireplace functions as a focal wall but still allows for a open space.

Tip: Even with simple structure, an outdoor fireplace may be customized and accented with the selection of surround and mantel materials.

Milieu Design

Fully integrated. This outdoor fireplace matches seamlessly into the backyard garden with all the built-in overhead pergola. The shady inclusion makes this a fantastic space to invest some time in, day or night.

Tip: Plants may help add colour to a sparse patio design. If a built in pergola isn’t for you, try incorporating pots with colorful flowers.

Tracy Stone AIA

Low lying. Forgo the traditional fireplace for a modern in-ground variation instead.

Tip: Think about your family’s needs. Though this fireplace is beautiful, it isn’t particularly child friendly.

Markus Canter (FCB:Design)

2 for one. These homeowners turned into their retaining wall into a fireplace. A sunken sitting place and stepping stone transform it into a personal refuge.

Tip: Be open minded when it comes to location. There is no rule that says that the fireplace has to be beneath a patio or on a porch.

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