Guest Groups: Laundry Room Mini Makeover

I like to tinker with my laundry room by adding small decorative or organizational developments here and there. Occasionally the smallest changes can make a significant difference. I am hoping that the ideas that are next will be the inspiration needed to pretty-up your laundry area! — Elaina from Fun Finds for Mother

Honey-Do Triple Laundry Sorter – $67.99

This is very like my laundry sorter, which kind of changed my whole outlook on laundry. The children really like to provide each other rides at the cart and use it within their fancy fort creations. Fun for the whole family!



Wood Clothespins – $9.13

Display a lot of wooden clothespins at a glass storage container, then grab them when you need them!

Oliver Yaphe

Canvas Laundry Hamper – $84

It is always beneficial to have an extra hamper on hand, especially if it’s one as beautiful as this canvas hamper by Oliver Yaphe.

The Home Depot

LG Electronics Compact Front Load Washer In White – $999

While not a little addition, a glistening white front-load washer and dryer set is in my laundry area wish list.


Modern Montana Jar

These jars are great for keeping everything from powdered laundry detergent to clothespins.

SLOM Bottle with stopper – IKEA

I have one of those glass bottles full of dish soap in my kitchen counter tops. The exact same could be carried out with liquid laundry detergent. I seems so much better than an ugly plastic jug!


Landmark Schoolhouse One-Light Pendant Bronze – $375

Let there be light! My laundry area that is ideal has a couple of those pendants hanging down from the ceiling.


KNODD Bin With Lid, White – $24.99

When I gave my laundry area a mini makeover a couple of years before, I added this bright white bin from IKEA. It is the ideal place to toss used dryer sheets, trash from pockets along with other laundry-related trash. Additionally, it is very simple to wipe clean.


Galvanized Washtub – $39.95

If your laundry room doubles as a storage area, bins such as these galvanized wash tubs are useful for storing bulky products.


Retractable Drying Line – $6.99

Zip out a drying point when you need it for this retractable wall-mounted unit.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Wall Mounted Ironing Center – $219.99

I might actually iron clothing if I had a wall mounted ironing board similar to this one!

Ballard Designs

Beadboard Drying Rack – $89

This beadboard drying rack tucks out and out of the way when you’re not using it to hang hand-washables to dry. It comes in black, honey or rubbed white.

Loll Designs

BBO2 table – $394

My children really like to hang out while I do laundry. When there’s room on your laundry room, a children play table, such as this one from loll layouts (created from recycled milk jugs), is a fun addition. I have a similar desk in my laundry room that I use for washables which need to dry apartment.

Loll Designs

Chair – $199

Have the children pull up a seat to a little table and help with the folding — or match up a pair of socks.

Modularity Tiles

Custom Designed Vinyl Tile Floors

I would really like to pay the cement floor of my laundry room with those vinyl ModularityTiles. They are offered in die-cut circles and rounded squares which you may mix and match from 17 color choices — fun!

The Laundress

Stain Brush – $10

I have a thing for wood-handled brushes. This one is from the Laundress and is especially made to scrub out laundry stains.

Steele Canvas

Colored Canvas Baskets

Industrial Steele canvas laundry carts are all super functional and I really like their appearance. They are going to be coming out with coloured canvas baskets soon!

The Home Depot

Martha Stewart Living Cubbie-Storage Bench With Seat – $72.98

Maximize storage space. In addition they have coordinating cloth bins which slip directly into the cubbies.


Vika Hyttan/Vika Moliden Table – $189

I can envision my laundry room wall with two of those Ikea stainless steel tables lined up to get freshly laundered clothing for folding.

West Elm

Colored Metal Footed hitter – $14

These little retro clocks are perfect for popping on a laundry room shelf to let you know how long you’ve been sudsing your own duds.

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