How to Get Nail Polish Off of a Finished Maple Wood Table

Nail polish remover is great for removing shine from the nails, but you should never use it in order to remove polish from a finished surface, such as a maple table. Though it may take longer, and the prospects for complete success aren’t too good, use denatured alcohol rather.

Soften the Navy With Alcohol

Nail polish is basically lacquer, which is more than likely the same finish that is on your table. Nail polish remover softens the finish along with the polish you’re trying to eliminate, and you are going to end up having to spot-finish or even completely refinish the table. Denatured alcohol will not emulsify nail polish or the finish on the table, but it will probably soften it enough to let you rub it off with 0000 steel wool.

Dab, Scrape or Rub the Spot Away

If the nail polish has not hardened yet, you should be able to eliminate it with a cloth, but remember the wax has probably softened the lacquer finish, so dab — do not wipe. If the polish has hardened, then scape off what you can with a pull scraper, being careful not to dig into the finish. Moisten steel wool with alcohol and rub with the grain of their timber. If you can not get out all of the color, you might need to sand it out with 150-grit sandpaper and touch up the repair with clear lacquer.

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