The best way to Measure Foundation Molding Inside of a Closet

When measuring for molding will be to account for the end-of one-piece fitting flat from the one it satisfies in the corner of the closet the mistake many beginners make. From the time you get to mitering the corners, nevertheless, this this method will leave you quick as well as your corners will not satisfy. You need to calculate each piece to precisely match the full-length of the wall. This way, when the ends are mitered, the wall-aspect ideas of the items that are mitered specifically satisfy each other to get a match that is best.

Create an easy sketch of the closet ground that displays corners and the doorway.

Place the conclusion of the tape measure flush together with the edge of the inside of the closet doorway — if any, or in the edge of the door casing — and stretch it to the closest corner. Use a flashlight to ensure it is possible to read your tape properly in the event the closet has no lights.

Pushing the tape completely to the corner, examine the precise length, including fractions of the inch or centimeter.

That figure in your sketch alongside the wall.

Move the zero end of the tape measure as you stretch it and support the the finish flush with all the wall.

Record the specific wall-to-wall distance, including fractions of centimeter or the inch, on that size of wall.

Continue till you’ve the lengths of stretches of wall-in the closet perimeter marked in your diagram to measure, left to right. Be as specific as as possible in purchase to have corners that are ideal once you miter and install the molding.

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