Do Squirrels Eat Fish out of Ponds?

Squirrels are clever animals, as any gardener knows, and consume a wide variety of foods, however, usually, squirrels don’t eat fish from ponds. Squirrels swim if required, but they usually dislike water and avoid it. If a delicious, freshly dead fish were accessible, though, a hungry squirrel may make the most of it.

Squirrel Diet

Squirrels have a diverse diet which leans toward the vegetarian side nuts, seeds, berries, berries, tree buds in spring and fungi. They also eat some meat — earthworms and even the occasional bird egg or unlucky nestling. Squirrels eat dead birds, but they don’t typically chase or kill live ones, except for nestlings. A bird killed by a window strike is extra nutrition for a hungry squirrel, especially during winter.

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