The best way to Cut Rolled Insulation

Insulation is important to maintaining your house heating and cooling expenses down. In the event you are renovating and including insulation that is new or attempting to weather-proof your attic or garage insulation is a beneficial and inexpensive option. Made of fiber glass using a -paper backing, insulation that is rolled is easy to cut using a utility knife. Keep the cut-lines as straight as possible so your walls can be butted together on by them.

Put on gloves, a dust mask, goggles and protective cover-alls. Should you not have cover-alls, use a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

Measure the row involving the studs where you need to to put your insulation. Roll out the insulation like a garage flooring, on a flat flat work surface. Measure the insulation to the correct size.

Place the fringe of of a straight edge across the line-you need to reduce. As angled cuts may permit air to escape and damage the effectiveness of the insulation use a level to assure the line is straight. Try to compress the insulation as small as feasible as insulation that is slim does not safeguard your house from the the weather as well.

Cut through the insulation along your straight-edge, using a sharp utility knife. Slice repeatedly along the line before you cut through the -paper backing. Pull the insulation aside in the seam you developed. Cut any fibers which are connected.

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