The best way to Drape Lights Over the Ceiling

Lights around the ceiling to include a warm glow to your living space, porch or bedroom region. Choose from an assortment of design options including lights with paper shades, single-colour twinkling lights in all- all or white – strings or red of fat -inspired multi-color bulbs to to match the feeling you want to generate.

Attach the extension cord so you will be in a position to plug them in with no trail of lights extending the wall down.

Staple across the cord just just underneath the bulb without creating contact involving the staple as well as the cord. Start on one aspect of the ceiling and work your path across or create a shape like rectangle or a spiral to protect the ceiling.

Move the ladder to the area where you want the lights to create the next level of contact with all the ceiling. Create a graceful result.

Continue stapling the string of lights before you’re pleased with their look.

Plug to check the general result. Modify your style as required.

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